Candy Crush Saga 10 year anniversary 500 drone light show.

Candy Crush Saga’s 10 Year Anniversary Party featured a 500 drone light show

On November 3rd, 2022 in New York City, Candy Crush Saga celebrates its 10 year anniversary with a small event at the Battery Park Esplanade and a big light show over the Hudson River performed by about 500 preprogrammed quadcopters with bright colored lights. The drones were programmed to fly in specific patterns and light up in specific colors that created a floating animation in the sky.

Above is some phone video footage of the party as an Instagram Reel.

Candy Crush Saga’s YouTube video is a great look at the actual drone based light show.

The show lasted for about 12 minutes and featured a combination of lights moving around to create words, Candy Crush shapes, and characters.

A party was held on the Battery Park Esplanade with a great view of the Hudson River and the light show when the sun went down.

Tablets were setup at certain tables where attendees could play Candy Crush Saga.

Of course drinks were available, but also cotton candy, hot chocolate with lots of sweet toppings, and other treats were shared with guests as well.

Oh there was a ball pit with a slide, too, and plenty of other Candy Crush Saga themed photo opportunities. 

More of my photos available on Facebook.

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