New York Comic Con 2022

New York Comic Con is back for 2022! As a post pandemic event, masks were still required, but barely anyone wore them. The panels were slightly smaller, no longer taking over Madison Square Garden and the Empire Ballroom, but instead moving to the new Empire Stage in the new building extension of the Javits center. 

This hilarious cosplay costume by Tra McCormack makes fun of the new online reservation system that everyone had to log into a week before the show in the middle of the work day in order to try to reserve seats for their favorite panels, autographs, or other events. The initial attempt from Reed Pop had everyone waiting for many hours in a virtual line on the website that ended up never actually working. They ended up having to shut it down and try again on a different day with a different system.

Abigail “McHeretic” as Sue Storm from the Fantastic Four.

Kevin Andrew as “Mr Fantastic”.

The real life Peter Griffin from Family Guy was there!

Doctor Strange is floating!

Who’s the real Spider Man?

The “Weird” Al Yankovic story movie panel was a lot of fun.

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By Adam Z. Lein

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