Dressing Generations Fashion Show

On June 25, 2023 an interesting fashion show was held at the Hutong restaurant bar in New York City. It was organized by several recent Fashion Institute of Technology graduates to showcase their work. 

The show included designers such as:

With models: 

Louyun Wang‘s outfit designed by SHIYU ZUO was the highlight of the show. 

It combined 3D printing, plastics, and cords along with unique fabric shapes. Makeup artist, Valentina Markina (@valentina_markina_mua), did a great job, too. 

Trinity Chishom was among the models as well. 

The show took place in the bar area of the Hutong restaurant in New York City.

Here are some more photos on Facebook:


By Adam Z. Lein

Designer & web developer since the mid 1990's starting on the DEC intranet. User experience consultant since 1998. Photographer since 1995. Tech journalist since 2002.

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